Using Quizmaker for exploratory learning

Hi Heroes!

I've created a course with a series of quizmaker "challenges" that lets the learner explore key aspects of an application and receive feedback. Hotspot questions are the primary delivery, so the quiz must use graded questions. I have disabled all scoring, set point value to 0, customized the pass result screen and set the menu to show the list of questions so users can pick and choose randomly. Learners are allowed to leave the quiz at any time, but the TOC is hidden in favor of a custom on-screen menu.

My problem is, if I jump to the last question and answer it, it returns me to the first question or the question after the last one I've completed and forces me to complete all questions before it will let me finish. I would like my learners to go to the pass result slide whenever they complete the last question regardless of whether they've completed all of the other questions so they have an option to review or finish the quiz. Is this possible? If so, how would I do it? If not, do you have any other ideas?



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David Anderson

Hi Diane - How are you using the Quiz Properties option from within PowerPoint/Presenter?

In PowerPoint, select a quiz slide and then click the Properties button.

From the Quizzes and Interaction window, you can specify which slide the learner sees after completing the quiz:

What do you want learners to do after they complete each quiz? Resume the course? Because you mentioned allowing learners to view any quiz at any time, you could send learners back to a common, landing slide that summarizes their options and provides additional links to course content.

Diane Peters

Hi Dave,

The problem isn't what the learner sees after completing the quiz; I do have it set to go to a landing slide. The problem is within the quiz itself. It will not show the Pass slide (which I've customized not to show a grade) and Finish button unless the learner touches each question. I'm using the quiz more as a study guide than an assessment mechanism...almost like flash cards with a question on one side and the correct answer on the other.

Also, since I don't show the TOC in the player, even though I've set properties to 'Allow user to leave the quiz at any time," they cannot.

Any ideas?