Using Quizmaker to Branch to an optional section

I am writing a course that has an optional section. I want to offer a choice, at Slide 25, of skipping to 40 and resuming from there or continuing to 26, 27 etc.

Our courses are all set so that students cannot jump forwards; it is necessary for them to view all slides (apart from the optional section).

So I set up a MCQ Quiz, explained the choice as the Question, with 2 answers, Continue and Skip.

However, when I go to "Branch to the following slide" I am only offered 2 choices, Default, or Finish Quiz.

I cannot find how to change the default to Slide 40, while using Finish Quiz to move people on to Slide 26.

Is there a better way of doing this?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jon! So, just to clarify, are you using a single-question quiz as a means to branch the learner? If so, the reason you're only seeing "Default" and "Finish Quiz" on your question's branching options is because the branching in Quizmaker only allows you to branch within the quiz.

But the good news is, once you add your quiz to the course you've built in Presenter, you will be able to achieve what you want by adjusting the Quiz Properties on your quiz placeholder slide.

Here's what I'd do: 

  • On your multiple choice question in Quizmaker, make the "correct" answer the one that branches to a later slide. Make the "incorrect" answer the choice that allows them to continue to the next slide in the course.
  • Turn off any pop-up feeedback on your quiz question.
  • Also turn off the quiz's Result Slides (both pass result and fail result) since you don't need those.
  • Insert your quiz into your course.
  • On the quiz properties (which you can view by clicking on the Properties area of your quiz placeholder slide in PowerPoint), set the properties so that "When user passes, Finish button goes to slide 40," and "When user fails, Finish button goes to Next Slide."

I'm attaching a similar example so that you can take a look at it. It's a little shorter than yours - my example has only 10 slides. The quiz is slide 4 and users get the choice of skipping to slide 8 or continuing in order. I hope this helps!

Tony Mills

Hi Jeanette,

I thought I had left a reply yesterday but if so it has disappeared!

Thanks for a quick and easy-to-follow reply. I carried out the 6 steps but, on a preview of slides 24 - 43, ie just before the Quiz to just after the slide to skip to, nothing happens after clicking SUBMIT on the quiz question, ie it does not advance to a Finish page, or to the selected option which is what I would prefer.

I'm sure there's a simple answer to this, but I can't find it!

We're up against IT incompetence, as you have probably realised......

Best regards


Jeanette Brooks

Hey Jon, I'm sorry, I'm not sure what the issue could be without looking at your project. Would you like to try to attach it here to this thread? If so, I'm happy to take a look. You could create an Articulate Package and attach it here. If it's too large to attach, could you private message me please?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jon! Thanks for sharing your project here. I think the issue is just that you were previewing, rather than publishing. Often hyperlinks and branching don't work during Preview because the preview is really designed more for checking the visual and audio quality of your slides, rather than the actual navigation behavior. I took a look at your published output and the quiz seems to behave as intended (as a means of branching the learner on to a further point in the course if they choose. I think if you publish instead of previewing you'll see the same. 

Tony Mills

Hi Jeanette

You are absolutely right; I published the course and the quiz works as it should.

Many thanks!

Now back to the Olympic opening ceremony...all we've seen so far is a preview of a scene of an England that existed 200 years ago it it existed at all, but I'm sure the organisers have got something in mind!