Using Review Questions in Quizmaker

Sep 22, 2011

I am trying to find out how to use review questions in the middle of my units as a way of checking the student's learning. Right now, with Quizmaker, we have to assign points to each question. But I would rather do questions without the student being scored.

Some of our material is 20+ slides and we want to break up the monotony by asking quick questions.

How can we use Quizmaker to accomplish something like this?

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Brian Batt

Hi Wanda & welcome to Heroes,

You can create a basic quiz in Quizmaker ‘09 that does not include the following features: 

* Question point values 

* Cumulative score with each question 

* Quiz title 

* Question numbering 

* Question list 

* Timer 

* Result slides 

Here's how:

Robert Kennedy

There are several ways.

1. You can use Quizmaker as your building tool PERIOD.  Build your unit using blank slides and then insert questions at will.

2. Set the point value to zero and turn off the pass/fail results screens in quizmaker, then insert individual quizmaker files with 1 or 2 questions each, however many you may need.

3.  Use a learning game, built into Presenter.

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