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Nov 07, 2011

Hi all,

I'm rather new to articulate and now my client would like to see a way to analyze the results of a quiz. I notice that it is possible to print the quiz results and I even found a tutorial on changing the layout of the quiz results page via the quiz html file. However what my client wants is more like a conclusion drawn from the quiz results, e.g. based on the quiz results, we would recommend the learner to spend some additional time on 'X', as the quiz showed that knowledge or skills in area 'X' are not yet meeting the required standards.

Is it possible to set up such an analysis using the results of an Articulate quiz and how can this be done?

Thanks a million!


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Mandy Bosch

Thanks a lot Peter. My client is using Sumtotal as LMS so I don't think Articulate on-line is an option. regarding your first link, it shows me how I can analyze the quiz results send by e-mail. However my client wants the results analyzed before the learner and/or his manager get the results. I.e. when the learner answers question 1, 2 and 3 wrong (of a 20 question quiz) the learner would be advised to re-review some specific company policy. Is this at all possible?

Peter Anderson

Hey Mandy,

That would be more a feature of your LMS, but you may be able to get the results you're looking for by getting creative with Presenter. You could break your quiz into smaller quizzes- let's say three- each covering a different topic, for example: Customer Service, Privacy, and Rules. After each quiz, you could branch the user to the next appropriate slide which would give feedback depending on whether they passed or failed. Does that make sense? Here's an article on how to do it:


Let me know if that's helpful. Good luck!

Justin Wilcox

Hi Mandy. SumTotal would be the folks to contact regarding what they can extract from the data we send. Printing results will not really do much for you and emailing results is not a really good implementation since the email feature requires you have a mail client installed on your computer among other things so I would stear clear of that option. Your best option is to work with your LMS to see what kind of results they can gather.

However, if what you are looking to do is not necessarily report on the quiz data in your LMS but rather advance a user through a course, you can set up pass or fail results to send a user to a specific slide.


So if you are simply needing to branch based on a user's score that is pretty simple provided the branching requirement is a pass/fail score.

Mandy Bosch

Hi Justin and Peter,

I'm referring back to the above discussion we had about a month ago. In this specific case I do not want users to advance through a course. The client wants each employee to pass an assessment on some basic industry guidance. They will get 20 or 25 questions out of a pool of randomized questions and will pass if they score 80% or higher. This is all straight forward in Articulate.

However at the end of the quiz, we would like the learner to also get some recommendations for further learning. Let's say the quiz will cover 10 different sub-topics (each topic 'sits' in a different question group).  At the end of the quiz, we would like to give the learner a short summary showing at which topics he failed (and where he succeeded), thus giving him direction for further training/learning.

My question is, can this be done using articulate quizmaker or should I use another tool?


Bas van Broekhoven

Hi Mandy,

I know this case is quite old, but like you I have the exact same problem, except I don't use LMS. I need to suggest the users which courses they would need to redo after scoring bad results of a part in the test. At first I tried to see if it was possible in a test to create subcategories, but the passing score counts for the total quiz, not subcategories. So I will have to analyze the emailed results. But then you get a code emailed which makes no sense to me. Since I also let quizmaker generate an exam from a pile of questions, it is easier to see which questions the system applied to the user.

How did you manage to fix your problem to analyse the results? I'm starting to believe that quizmaker is not the right tool for my application.

Thanks in advance!

Mandy Bosch

Hi Bas,

from the different answers and the reserach that I did I got the impression that quizmaker does not let me analyze quiz results. I adviced my client to consult with their LMS folks to see if they can help out here. In the end they decided to not analyze the quiz results - the department got a new head and priorities changed. As I'm currently on pregnancy leave I have not had the chance to check out the new application storyline, however I thought this new software had more quiz options.



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