What format does the .quiz file use?

Jul 08, 2011

I need the ablity to import hundreds or maybe thousands of questions from an external source and the copy and paste option may not end up being pratical.

I know that there is currently no import feature, other than import for another quizmaker file, but was wondering if there is anyway I could edit the .quiz file manually or in code in order to inject the questions before opening in quizmaker.  I have tried openeing a .quiz file in notepad but the format is not readable.  Does anyone know if it is possible to create or edit a .quiz file outside quizmaker in order to import my questions and remove the need for a manual copy and paste task?

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Dave Dixson

After a bit of fiddling I have found that the .quiz file is actually a .7z file which can (after renaming the extension) be openened in winrar.  Alas, the handy little "quiestions.txt" type file I was looking for is not present.  I wonder if the questions are stored in one of the many swf file (quiz.swf perhaps). 

I am hoping that when I find out where the questions are stored I will be able to inject my own questions, recompress the 7z file, rename it back to .quiz and open it in quizmaker...

Anyone got any ideas???

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