Word Bank & Symbols

I wanted to use the word bank for a matching-type question.

Question: Scroll image to the right

Answer: Alt+(the right arrow key) but I wanted to put the symbol in for the words, you know an arrow pointing to the right.

How do I do this? I tried to go to slide view and use the text editor but I can't seem to open up the text on the bar to edit it.

Is there a way to use the symbols?


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Diane Yamashiro

Why don’t you do this in reverse. Have “scroll image to the right” to be the correct Word Bank phrase. So, you would use text/shapes to create an Alt + (arrow) graphic image and the question "What does this keystroke combination allow you to do" would direct them to drag the correct action/effect to the Word Bank box. Similarly, you could use Matching Drag and Drop, covering the left with several images of keystroke combos (alt + R; alt + L; alt + up) and the drag part would have the “scroll to the right,” etc. And lastly, you could also use the Sequence Drag and Drop as well.