Black Screen with only Audio. I've tried all Fixes I've found on this Site and CAN NOT send to Articulate Tech Support!

Feb 09, 2024

Hi all.

I'm skilled with Storyline, but a novice with Replay. It worked fine for about 9 months, then about 3 months ago, when I publish, the output is a black blank screen with audio only. No video at all.
I read through some of the forum entries, checked my video drivers (all were up-to-date), uninstalled, shut down, reinstalled, shut down again,...nothing. I tried to send my video driver test results to Articulate as directed. I didn't see anywhere to do that, so I reached out to tech support only to have my message fail to go to them twice, and this was on the Articulate site...not from my email.

I'm at a loss and my company depends on me for simple video edits. I would welcome the wisdom of the community and in particular any Articulate representative who is monitoring.

My company wants to buy more licenses and this is not helping that.

Thanks in advance.


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