Constant Crashing

Jan 07, 2015

I have tried to use Replay about 20 times now and it has crashed every time. Sometimes it gets as far as producing a short .mp4 file but if I try to edit or save it crashes. Other times, it crashes on startup or when I attempt a screen capture.

I am running on a Lenovo with Windows XP. I have tired reinstalling, restarting the computer and every other fix suggested here except dis-installing my .NET file which I am afraid to do. When I ran the program on a Windows 7 laptop it was much more stable, but I need it on the XP machine.  Any ideas?


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Steve Max

I have to say that for some reason things have somewhat improved. I still keep getting the box asking me to send Articulate a message about what I was doing when the problem occurred, but most of the time if I close the box I can Save the job. Then the program goes down, but I can usually reopen it and get the Saved file back up. Not perfect, but good enough to finish a few things. I found a program that checked .NET and told me I have version 4 installed. It seems that nothing after that runs on XP. I just left it alone.

Thanks for the suggestions.

(The red thing in the photo is actually a life jack. The full picture looks less goofy because you can see the boat.)

Steve Max

What next? I tried sending in an error log by following instructions in the link above (Clicking "here," ) but that program didn't work any better than Replay does. It wouldn't record a log and although it told me that it was creating a file to send to Articulate, there was no file. I searched the entire disk looking for the specific file name from the message box, but nothing was found. Can it be that Replay just won't run under XP? If anyone has experience with this please let me know.

Steve Max

Never did get this resolved. It turns out that Replay doesn't like my USB Microsoft webcam running with XP. If I just do a screen capture it works well. It also won't integrate screen captures and jpgs. The published output is  garbled fragments of images.  The same files will work on a Windows 7 laptop.  Replay just doesn't seem to work with XP.

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