How do I import an MP4 file into a live document?

Oct 22, 2013

On our company website, we have documents posted for quick-reference to hundreds of company processes... Most of them are going to be PDF, or Word or Excel documents we've converted to PDF. Others are internal sub-sites with training information and the like. What I'm trying (or at least hoping) to do, is record a video and then upload it into one of these documents or internal websites. My concern is, MP4 doesn't seem to be a recognized file format within every system. For instance, I tried sending my MP4 file as an attachment in an Outlook email, but it won't open unless I'm inside of Articulate Replay. Is there a solution for this? How do I insert my video inside of these other formats? Thanks!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chrisanna, 

I don't believe you can insert a video into a Word, Excel or PDF document but you could load it as a separate file type within this internal website, or post it somewhere and include the link to it within the previously mentioned document types. The mp4 video file type is a fairly standard one and can be played through a number of programs such as Windows Media Player or Quicktime. 

Chrisanna  Hibbitts

Thanks, Ashley,

Maybe "insert' wasn't quite the right wording... I meant "embed." Is this possible with Articulate Replay? Once a screencast has been recorded and published to MP4, can this file be embedded into another file? Or is it only possible to post it as a separate link, like you suggested in your earlier response? Thanks again!

Rebekah Massmann


You can attach the file itself into a PDF, not where it would play inside the file, but it would just be attached there (similar to being attached to an email).

However, you would have to be cautious of file size, as well as considering how often those documents need to be updated. For example, every time an update happened, you would have to re-PDF and re-attach the video.

I have some additional insight on playing mp4s. Windows Media Player running on a Windows XP system won't play mp4s without a codec installation pack. Windows Media Player on Windows 7 should play it just fine. I know this is a concern for us as well, because we have such a mixture of operating systems, and I know our IT department wouldn't want to have to go back and install those codec packs on everyone's machines.

We're looking at Vimeo for Business as an option, to negate the player issue. Then you could include links to the vimeo site in your documentation. Still trying to do testing though.

Hope this helps...

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