No play or pause button appears in Replay 360 when trying to preview a project

Nov 07, 2019

I just created my first Replay 360 screencast and I wanted to preview it...but I can't find a play button to do so. How do I do this?

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Andrew Woolley

I am experiencing the same issue - just updated versions on 360 and reply looks like this.. I can't seem to find anyway of resizing the display. The playback buttons are hid behind the A/B Mix options.

Possibly the problem is with the fact an imported .MOV file is only displaying the audio (I have seen other posts relating to this problem but with no outcome)

The .MOV file was shot on an iphone10 and plays fine in quicktime - I have added an example of one of these files as well.

Love some advice and a solution, thankyou.

Natalie Kosbob

Good Morning, I'm experiencing this issue as well.  I'm working on a laptop - Windows 10 with an MP4 video.  I have edited other similar videos with no issue, same format, size, etc.  For some reason, just recently (the past month or so) has this issue started.  I've provided a screen shot. Even without uploading a video I am seeing the issue.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Gayle.

I'm sorry you are also having trouble with the play button in Replay 360. 

Let me ask you a couple of questions to try to narrow down this issue:

  • If you go to your Display Settings (Start > Settings > System > Display), what do you see as the resolution and the scaling factor?
  • If you change it to 100% and re-open Replay 360, do you see the play button?

Let me know if this works!

Gayle Grapentin


· Resolution 1920 x 1080

· Scaling 150%

Yes, if I change the scaling to 100% then I can see the buttons. The buttons are hiding. I’ve been working with the buttons by clicking carefully. Since the 100% scaling is too small then I’ll have to continue to do that. If you’re able to move these buttons in a future release that’ll be super helpful. Thanks!

Gayle Grapentin
Training Manager