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Mar 08, 2016


My employer purchased Storyline for me last summer, which came bundled with Replay.  I haven't used Replay yet, but considering using it for an elearning course I'm starting soon.  I will be working with a SME who lives in another state.  Is the use of Replay restricted to users who have it installed on their machines or can it be used to edit and embed video recorded on someone else's machine?  In other words, if my SME has a webcam and records a video of herself that I want to embed into Storyline, can I then use Replay to edit the SME's video?  Thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hey Michelle!  Your SME can send you a video file that can be imported into a Replay project as described here.  To the right of that article is the rest of the Replay User Guide with some great information on what you can do with video that you've added to Replay!  Replay will publish to an mp4 file which you can then insert into Storyline once you've completed it.

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