Pixelated Video in Replay

Nov 22, 2022

When I open a video in replay, the image is distorted and pixelated. Thankfully when I published the video as an MP4, it's fine. But I can't see anything when looking in Replay. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Replay and that seems to have worked in the short term (about 2 weeks ago). But opening Replay today is showing the same issue. I don't want to have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling Replay. I have attached an image for reference.

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Karen Scott

Hi Lauren!

My apologies - it's not the video that is the issue - it's the Replay file. When I start a new Replay project, I either import a video or record my screen directly in Replay. Everything is clear and it all works. The issue comes in when I save the Replay file and reopen it. That is when everything is pixelated. I'm not even sure pixelated is the right word - the image that I attached in my original post is what I see. So when I start a project, I either need to finish it in one sitting (which isn't always possible) or just never close it (which is also not really possible). When I publish the replay file as an MP4, it does work and looks perfectly fine - which is great but hard to make any edits or adjustments. It is just when I am working in Replay. This is for any existing Replay file that I have.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Karen, 

You should definitely be able to close out your project and open it without encountering any issues. I'd recommend doing a repair of your Replay 360 installation to see if this helps. 

If the issue persists, I'd recommend going with Lauren's suggestion to open a case with our support team so we can look into the matter further. 

Karen Scott

Thank you Joe!

I agree that I should be able to close out and reopen my projects without any issues. I have tried the troubleshooting suggestions with no success. I will be putting in a case with the support team. I am also checking with 2 of my colleagues that use Articulate to see if they are having issues. I was recently given a new laptop so I'm wondering if that is part of the issue.

Marci Gomez-Lee


I also encountered this problem today.

I screen-recorded a video on Replay and saved the project. It was working well at that time. Then I came back to the project and I got a pixelated file.

I tried to see if it was my file, but even when I imported a video file I recorded using a camera it showed up as pixelated. 

Like Karen, I also saved an mp4 version beforehand and that is okay. 

What is going on? Please see the screenshot. 

John Morgan

Hello Tom, 

Thanks for letting us know you are experiencing this issue! Sorry that you're going through this! There currently hasn't been any movement on this as we prioritize other fixes.  In the meantime, have you tried repairing your Replay 360 installation?

If you have and the problem still persists, please open a case with our support team.

Tom Griffin

Hi John,

Thanks for your swift response. 

This is a bug that literally prevents me from progressing with the job I'm doing so I'm amazed that this bug isn't a top priority. Replay is completely useless to me until this is fixed as I can't see the video I'm trying to edit.

Sorry to moan, I know it's not you but unfortunately there seems to be a repeated theme at Articulate where bugs aren't fixed for months on end - there are endless threads on this forum that aren't resolved on the Storyline side. For such an expensive piece of software, the technical support severely lets the company down and it doesn't seem to be improving.

I'll open a case, thanks.

Silva Carver

I've had an open case since November about this too. Exactly the same issue - we've just done a full uninstall including the clean-up file (which was being blocked because it's on an http file rather than https!), followed all of the instructions and still my Replay screen is pixelated.

I agree with Tom, it is literally preventing me from doing my job as I can't see where to edit or drop in lower third text.

We'll have to start looking at other products if it isn't resolved soon, and I'm sure we wont be the only company doing that.

Tom Griffin

Hi Silva,

I accidentally found a fix for this. If you open your pixelated Replay file, then click on 'Record screen', then immediately cancel the recording (before it starts), the file suddenly un-pixelates itself!

It's a really annoying little bug which I'm sure is easily fixable if they just dedicate someone competent to work on it. Unfortunately the Articulate community is flooded with unresolved threads like these though, that's why they have such a bad rep!




Tom Griffin

Hey Articulate support team - I've just opened a Replay file and this problem still exists. I think judging by the amount of ppl who've commented on this thread there are a lot of ppl running into this problem and not stumbling on the workaround I found. There's probably people tearing their hair out and abandoning projects because of this fundamental bug.

Do you have an update on when your team will fix this please? This thread is 9 months old now. 

Karen Scott

Hi Tom,

I had actually given up on this as I found a small work around. Similar to what you had suggested (hitting record screen and then canceling), I discovered if I minimized the Replay file and then maximized it, the pixelization went away. Certainly not ideal to have to use a work around but it worked and I was able to complete projects.

Tom Griffin

To be honest Karen, I find myself a little torn on whether to share workarounds on this forum because it almost feels like Articulate won't bother fixing things while people are solving things for them. 

I just hate to think of how many ppl might not be aware of this community and have gotten themselves into trouble on projects because of flaws like this in the software. 

Steven Benassi

Hi Tom!

I'm so sorry to hear that pixelated videos in Replay 360 has been such a pain point for you!

I see that you previously opened a support case and connected with my teammate Cleo. I went ahead and updated your case with the feedback you shared so our support engineers can continue troubleshooting this issue with you.

You should be hearing from them shortly!

Shelley McHardy

In an effort to keep this bug on the radar, it's still there. I just installed Replay for the first time, messed around with a sample video, hit save, and everything pixelated. The minimize/maximize the window trick worked. While simpler than a repair/reinstall, it's still annoying, and not everyone will find this thread.

Jeanne Rupprecht

I just started having this same issue with videos completely distorted and pixelated. I have had Artiulcate 360 for a few years and did not have any video issues in Replay until the last few months. I used the workaround of clicking Record and then quickly stopping it and that fixed the issue for the moment. Can we get an update on this issue? 

Pam Robinson

You are an absolute GENIUS!!!!  I have been struggling with this for a couple of days and stumbled upon this year-old post this morning.  Thank God!  I tried all of the other troubleshooting steps without success.  I have no words for my gratitude and Thank you SO MUCH doesn't sound nearly enough. Have a blessed day!