Retaking courses created in Storyline after completing them

Apr 01, 2024


I'm new to the community so appreciate your patience. We created eLearning courses in Storyline (v3.85.31840.0) that are hosted on Relias. Learners currently have to go through the course and complete an exam to receive credit. Some of our learners have asked about going back and reviewing information in the courses. However, when they attempt to do so, they are being forced to take the entire course over again. Is there a way of setting the course up so the learners are required to complete it in a specific order but after completion they can go back and jump to any lesson? Thank you so much for your help!

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Nora, 

Thanks for reaching out!

One way to allow your learners to go back to previous slides is to use the 'Restricted Navigation' option in the Player settings. Restricted means learners can view the current slide and any slide they previously viewed, but they can't jump ahead or skip over slides. With this option, your learners can open a course they've previously completed, and jump to any slide they'd like to review. Here's more information on changing the behavior of navigation in Storyline 360:

Hope this helps!