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Oct 11, 2016

Hello all,

I have a project where I will be inserting many audio / screen recordings but I want to get the right equipment.

Do you have any microphone / headsets that are good quality and cancel out the background noise.

I will be recording these in a quiet room (well as quiet as I can) but so far I have tried 3 different methods and the quality is not great.


Thank you



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Dave Cox

I've found that just about any decent mic will do. The key is your environment, and you microphone level settings. When you are recording, keep the background noise as low as you can. You can reduce the amount of ambient noise that the mic picks up by going into the audio settings on your pc and reducing the microphone gain. If you are on a windows PC, right click your speaker icon and select recording devices. Select your microphone, and select properties. The select the Levels tab and adjust your microphone down some. I usually start around 50%. Reducing this some reducing the background noise, and prevents your audio from becoming distorted by clipping.

You can use audio editing software such as audacity to further edit your audio, and run some noise suppression if you need to. (I use Adobe Audition.)


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