Video Compression Settings / Vimeo

It doesn't appear Articulate Replay allows any customization of compression settings (bit rate, etc.). When uploading a test video to Vimeo, it gives this warning.

Are there any settings in Replay to adjust per their recommendations? Can this be changed post-publish using a video converter of some kind?



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Rebekah Massmann


That's what I figured. I was able to post it, I just got the above warning that it was below their recommended settings. The test video I uploaded was video only, and it played fine. I will be testing another one this week with audio, to make sure it plays ok.

Something to think about for future releases? Although maybe it's not critical, I don't know that much about creating videos.


Rebekah Massmann

Thanks, Trav! I'm just starting to dive into this video stuff, so I will check out those recommendations if we have issues with Vimeo. So far, the audio/video does sync fine (which was one of the cautions I read), but when you maximize the screen, it is more fuzzy than I would like. I need to try different recording sizes and resolutions as well, to see if that makes a difference.

I just submitted the feature request, thanks Ashley!