1 Click URL requires 2 clicks to work?

Jul 19, 2016

On one of my SL2 slides I have a URL link on a text box to a company web page. It opens fine, just not in 1 click as set but rather requires 2. The player Next button is turned off and there is a slide button to Continue to the next slide once the link URL is selected. The Continue button state is initially Disabled. When the text box link is selected, the following happens:

1) Jump to URL (on 1 click, open new browser)

2) Change state of text box to Selected

3)Change state of Continue button to Normal

What actually happens in the course is when the text box/URL is selected, the Continue button immediately becomes active, the text box/URL looks like it has been selected (color changes) but the page linked to doesn't open.  I have to click the text box/URL a second time to get the page opened. I suspect this has something to do with the way player, slide and button triggers do an 'order of operations' dance (which is very annoying and not explained anywhere re: what takes precedent) but I can not figure out to make my 1 click URL actually work as a 1 click URL.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tabatha, 

Thanks for sharing that here. Although I am unable to open the link, clicking on it changes the state of the link and the continue button immediately as you mentioned and then I had to click it again. Looking at your trigger it including a mention of when the user clicked "inside" but when I opened the trigger no objects were selected. I changed it to be just clicking on the text box itself, as I suspect the "inside" element was needing that double click - and then it worked normally. Can you take a look at testing that out on your file and let me know how it works?

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