Checkbox Validation Not Working As Indended

Feb 20, 2013

I have a slide layer with 7 checkboxes.  The user is asked to select checkboxes 1-3, then click a button.  Upon clicking the button, a validation check occurs.  If the user selected the correct checkboxes, a new slide layer appears.  However, the validation is not working as intended. 

Here's the validation:

  • Show layer: Congratulations
  • When user clicks: Hotspot 1
  • On Condition:
  • Checkbox 1 state is 'Selected' AND
  • Checkbox 2 state is 'Selected' AND
  • Checkbox 3 state is 'Selected' AND
  • Checkbox 4 state is 'Normal' AND
  • Checkbox 5 state is 'Normal' AND
  • Checkbox 6 state is 'Normal' AND
  • Checkbox 7 state is 'Normal

The layer is actually being shown when checkboxes 1-3 are selected, no matter what the state of checkboxes 4-7 is.  Any ideas?

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