2 Different types of back/forward buttons in Player?

Mar 03, 2018

Hi, I am wondering if it is possible for me to have 2 customized versions of the same button in the player. The function of the button would be basically the same, just the labels would be different.

In the first section of my design, I want the Next button to read "Skip Intro" and and the Previous button to Read "Back to Map."

In the second section of the same project, I want the next button to be the standard next and previous buttons.

Is this possible, using the player buttons? Or would it be possible for me to use other player buttons to achieve this?

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Alison, 

I don't think it's possible to do that using the Prev/Next navigation buttons, that is, they can only have one label.

Any of the other built-in player tabs/functions do specific things, so even if, for example, you re-labelled the Resources button to 'Skip intro' you wouldn't be able to change its triggers. And, if you create a custom tab and name it Skip intro and trigger it to jump to some other slide, you cannot hide it on select slides, that is, it would be visible in the player on all slides.

So, possibly what you can do is create your own player (can be time-consuming and not work for what you want to achieve, but it's an option) or create a custom button to Skip intro and if necessary you can disable the Next button?


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