2 Progress Bar Questions

Jun 04, 2021

Hi all,

I use a nice and simple progress bar, made by watching a tutorial.

Now I would like to 'finetune' this progress bar:

1. The progress bar should start counting at Slide 1.2 Slide 1

    Now it start counting at slide 1.1 START

2. The progress bar should reach 100% at Slide 1.13.

    Now 100% is reached when visiting the last slide, Slide 1.14 STOP.


Could anyone help me?

Many thanks in advance,


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Nicole.

Thank you for sharing your .story file!

I've never used the menu.progress built-in variable to create a progress bar, but that's an interesting idea! Since the variable is based on the menu, you have two options to start from the second slide:

1. Delete the first and last slides from the menu, in the Player Properties.

Windows 10 (1) 2021-06-07 at 12.55.57 PM


2. Instead of using menu.progress, use menuSection.progress, then split your slides into sections (you can do this by creating a new header):

Windows 10 (1) 2021-06-07 at 12.59.44 PM

You should also apply a layout that doesn't show the percentage on your first and last slides (START and STOP). 

I am attaching your edited file with the second option above. I also changed the restart button to Jump to the START slide when clicked.

Let me know if this works!

Nicole van Santen

Hi Maria,

I wanted to let you now that I used your second option (Command menuSection.progress).

When changing that into my original document it didn't work.

But when I used your edited version it worked like a charm, thank you so much!


If you have also some ideas how to reset the progress bar to zero when clicking 'Jump (back) to Start' it would be great.

That is now the only thing that doesn't work yet.

The progress bar than still shows 100%.

Thank you again.


With kind regards,


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Nicole.

I'm glad the edited version worked! 

Unfortunately, the built-in variables, such as menu.progress and menuSection.progress, are absolute and won't reset to zero as the user has already progressed through the slides.

Since you already have the states set up in your progress bar, have you thought about copying the bar to your slides (instead of having it on your Slide Master) and changing the state in each slide? 

Windows 10 (1) 2021-06-09 at 11.26.43 AM

You can also add a textbox and manually input the percentage. It's a little more work, but it will give you better control of what the user will see.

Let me know if this helps!

Nicole van Santen

Hi Maria, thank you once more for your suggestions.

My first idea was to put the progress bar on each single slide.

But as this is the first course of a complete learning path I really liked the idea that I can use as much slides as I want, and that the progress bar is not affected and keeps working without me doing some modifications.

I think putting the progress bar on every slide also would have made it easier to show the progress in the bar by a colored field that actually moves a bit to the right on each slide, when you visit it.

I really like that ‘delayed’ behaviour, but was not able, with the knowledge I have so far, to create this.


Kind regards,