Progress Bar Animation

Sep 13, 2016

Hi all,

If have created a course which needs an animated progress bar according to the question response.

There are 3 questions with 3 options in each. Each option scores 0, 25 or 100 points. If user selects first questions answer as 100 pt option, then progress bar should animate from 0 to 100, then for 2nd question user selects 25 pt option the progress bar should animate from 100 to 125(Progress bar should not be animated from 0). Progress bar is of 300 points. when user attempts 3rd question progress bar should be shown till 125 pts, if user selects 25 pts option than the progress bar should animate from 125 to 150. So at the end of the course the progress bar is half filled (150 out of 300).



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