3 multiple choice questions on one slide using radio buttons

Jan 14, 2016

Is it possible to create a slide with 3 multiple choice questions using radio buttons? I used the tutorial that creates a pick one free form and created button sets with the radio buttons for each question. But, when I click the submit button nothing happens. 

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Wendy Farmer


Taking a look now

In the meantime, the most common causes of this interaction not working are:

Trigger order

Using the AND and OR conditions for the correct and incorrect feedback layers

In your example, you have triggers on the correct and incorrect buttons (user click) which are never seen by the user as they are offstage

Also, your form view doesn't indicate which is the correct answer

This is where you add the two offstage buttons and select the correct button as the correct answer

What are the correct answers for each set?

Wendy Farmer

Here you go.

I added in selected states for each of the radio buttons and changed the triggers.

You only need the 3 radio buttons in the triggers

To set correct: Radio button 1 AND radio button 9 AND radio button 15 have a state equal to selected.

To set incorrect: Radio button 1 OR radio button 9 OR radio button 15 have state not equal to selected.

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