360 Disable Next Button

I have the Next button disabled when the timeline starts and enabled when the timeline for text box 3 starts. This works. 

Text box 3 is also a hyperlink to another slide for additional, optional information. There's an x on the slide that you click to go back to the original slide.

Here's the problem: When you click on text box 3 and go to the other slide and come back after clicking x. The next button is now disabled. It doesn't re-enabled. 

I've went to slide properties and have the when revisiting: Resume saved state, so it'll stay at the state it was at from before. I don't have any room on the slide to create a next button.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Rena Towles

I saw your sample and it was kinda what i had done. i had turned your sample into what i had done and then when i previewed it ... it worked!!!

so I must have done something wrong. 

Please see my sample. At the bottom (thought it's not edited right for this version, but whatever) when you click the CLICK HERE your'e routed to another slide. you read the optional information and then you click the x to go back. The next button is no longer working. What did i do wrong?

Jill Anderson

Hello - I am having a similar problem and I have tried looking at your examples and adding the T/F variable and it still isn't working. I would like the next button be disabled until the timeline is complete, but I would like the next button to be set to normal when a learner goes back to the slide. The functionality to disable the next button works great, but when I go the next slide and hit the back button, it is still disabled even with the added variable and conditions added. Any help would be great! Thank you!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jill! In your attached file, Slide 1.1 worked as designed for me during Preview. I let the timeline complete, and then I jumped to 1.2. When I hit the Previous button back to 1.1, the Next button was immediately active and jumped me to 1.2 again.

Have you explored using restricted navigation? Restricting the navigation from the Player Properties > Menu window will automatically disable the Next button on all slides until the timeline is complete. Learners can view any slide they've already completed.