508 compliance and accesiblity

Jul 27, 2020

I was wondering about 508 compliance and Storyline. Do you happen to know what features storyline has that are 508 compliant verses what we need to hand code? I know they are working on making the product more and more accessible.  But 508 compliance and accessibility are two different things.  What do we need to do as developers to make sure our storyline courses are 508 compliant, not just accessible and friendly.

Thank you!


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Susan!

You can look at our Storyline 360 Voluntary Product Accessibility TemplateĀ® (VPATĀ®) which explains what features are accessible and the level at which those features are accessible.

You can find all of articles on Accessibility and 508 compliance here.

If you have additional questions, please let us know!

Susan Lord

Thank you. This is helpful.  The main issue I am having is lack of control of what is read verses what is not read.  The tab order feature with alt text is not working as expected. For instance in an exam question, the feedback is not being read, only the feedback title and I cannot tab to the feedback.  Please help!  What am I doing wrong?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Susan!

Thank you for sharing those additional details! If you're trying to read off the text on the feedback layer, you'll need to use INSERT + Down Arrow. Tab is only used to move to interactive elements like buttons or hotspots.

Can you try using the INSERT + Down Arrow to see if the screen reader will read off the text? 

I've recorded a brief demo where I've used NVDA and a Storyline 360 question slide. You can take a look here!

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