508c - Create 2 Versions?

We've been tasked with making an existing course 508-compliant.  This course is narrated on every slide and contains animated text on every slide (i.e. key words/phrases appear and disappear throughout the narration).  

With this current setup, adding captions is easy, but I'm not sure how the audio narration would work with a screen reader.  

That said, would it be best to create a separate version that is read-only for those who use screen readers?  The content would remain the same, but there would be no competing audio between the current course narration and the screen reader.  

Appreciate any help you can provide!

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Glenn Raymond Casas

Hi Ryan, I'm not able to replicate on my system if narration and screen readers would compete, but what about setting up a menu at the start of the presentation? Readers can choose between one with audio and another without. Then just utilize the triggers for jumping to slides/scenes.

I hope this helps.

Matthew Bibby

While there are free screen readers that you can try (e.g. NVDA), they technically aren't supported by Articulate. For most things they'll work okay, but if you run into any odd behaviour you'll need to use JAWS to determine if the issue is with Storyline or the screen reader. 

So if possible, a trial of JAWS is a better option.

And you don't need to duplicate your whole course to have a version without audio. Just have a button at the start of the course that changes a variable, e.g. AudioOn, to False. You can then change all of your audio related triggers to be conditional on that variable being True. E.g., Play audio if AudioOn is True.