60 buttons each with 5 triggers. Any way to make this build more streamline?

Mar 25, 2019

I'm creating a module that has several buttons on a slide (at times close 60 buttons). Each button utilizes various states. I have triggers set so whenever the button is pressed it'll tab through the states and eventually, when the last state is reached, it'll reset to the first state.

unfortunately, having sixty buttons on the slide with an average of five triggers per button (one for each state, and then one to cycle back to the first state) would make this a very time consuming build.

I guess my first question is does having so many triggers in a single slide become problematic?

Secondly, is there a way I can streamline this build? Right now I see myself copying and editing each trigger close to 60 times.

I hope there's an easier solution.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Julio,

We've seen some courses with lots of triggers and we do not have any recommended limits.

It sounds like you already have the buttons on the slide, so I'm not aware of a faster way than copy/pasting as you mentioned for the triggers and the format painter for the states.

It may be faster to re-create this slide, build the first button as needed with triggers and states - then copy/paste or duplicate that button.

Julio P

Hi Leslie. Thanks so much for the reply.

I haven't built the page yet so I can definitely work with copy and paste as solution. Although what I noticed is by copying and pasting a button only triggers associated to the button seem to copy, not triggers associated to the page. Unless I"m overlooking something it seems as if i'll have to copy those triggers individually and modify them one at a time.

I wonder if I'm missing something

Julio P

Hi Ashley. That's great to know. Thanks.

Here is rough framework of what I'm trying to build (i'm hoping to assist our library in tracking their seat usage).

Each seat will have a button, each button would have different states that it cascades through as you click it. The buttons also have variables. Eventually, upon submission the variables are sent to a google sheet.

If you can think of a streamlined way to complete this build or to assign the triggers to the button and not to the slide (so they are duplicated once the button is duplicated) it would help tremendously. I'm not sure if this is even possible.