7 .swf files and 1 mp3 file

Sep 07, 2016

I have an existing webinar that consists of 7 (numbered 0 - 6).swf files and 1 mp3 audio file which is the voiceover for all 7 .swf files.  I am trying to sync the 7 .swf files to the 1 mp3 file.  Any recommendations on how to do this?

My end goal is to publish a scorm file to upload on my LMS

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Richard Hill

If it's an absolute must, you'll need to break that audio file up into 7 chunks to match your swfs, and slap each pair on it's own slide to ensure they all load effectively.  However, there really is no proper way to syncronize up swfs with external audio other than playing them at the same time and hoping for the best.   What this means is that there is  a great potential of audio drift depending on who is viewing it and on what machine, and how long the files are.  Brian might be right here, or you could try to compile the swf and audio into a single resource like mp4, with an older version of Adobe Premiere(new one won't work for swf import) or screen capture hack your experience(storyline, camtasia, snagit) by playing a swf  and the audio at the same time.  Then bring that movie back into Storyline via youtube or embed it.   It is not an ideal situation you are in.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

I'd agree with Brian and Richard above in terms of where you might need to bring the elements together and how that may be outside of Storyline. We've got some video editing capabilities in there, but I don't think nearly as robust as you need. Feel free to keep us posted on what you're able to accomplish or determine as it may be a set up others would be curious about as well! 

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