Reuse imported assets in the Storyline for performance improvement


I am wondering about assets in the Storyline. When you imported 10 mp3 files, and 6 out of 10 mp3 files are going to be used in more than 1 slide. When you copy and paste those, does Storyline create instances out of those 6 mp3 files? or does it just referred to those 6 mp3 files? From my experiences, it looks like Storyline is creating new instances. My assumption is from the more increasing file size. Can anyone shed some lights on this ? Thank you. 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Ben - I think I understand a little more clearly what you are asking now. So ok, yes, when you copy/paste a video, it will create duplicates in the published output, which can be found in the story-content folder. But, please note that the videos are compressed, so that will help with the published output size.