Performance issue with MP3 files

Apr 28, 2015


I have a working project on Storyline that will be importing mp3 audio files to the file. The thing that I am worried about is the number of mp3 audio files imported to the Storyline file. It will be total of 30+ audio files. This is only the first module. I am already breaking down this module to four small modules, and still the amount of mp3 is still a lot. So I would like to find out in advance what kind of issues that I should be aware of, and how to tackle those issues. Any advices, or suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.

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david mckisick

Something else you should be aware of is that with MP3 files in particular you will notice a difference in playback quality when imported into Storyline. I do not think Storyline causes the issue, but rather amplifies it. The problem is caused by the nature of the MP3 compression which causes a loss of bass. This can be easily corrected with a third party free app like Audacity to add extra bass to each file before importing to Storyline.

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