A challenge for Storyline experts

I need to create an interaction where the user makes choices between 3 different types of choices: Color Temperature, Wattage, and Scene. There will be 3 Color Temperature choices, 3 Scene choices, and 4 Wattage choices.

The goal is to have the user click any combination of the choice types (1 of each) and view the result.

Then is they select a different choice in any one of the types, they should immedicately see the result, and on, and on.

For example: they might select Soft White, 60 Watt, Kitchen.

Then they select 100 watt--they should see the change without having to reselect the Soft White and Kitchen choices.

Can this be done?



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Mike Enders


I'd do this...

1. Use radio buttons to create a button set for each choice type.  (Make sure to create/name all 3 button sets)

2. Add a layer for each possible choice combination.  (gonna be a lot given that you have 10 buttons divided into three sets)

3. Add a series of triggers that show layers based upon which boxes are selected.  So an example would be if state of button 1 in choice set 1 and button 2 in choice set 2 and button 3 in choice set 3 are selected, show the corresponding layer.

I've attached a simple example.   If you press all three buttons in a row (top, middle, bottom) you'll see the image change.  To extend it, all you'd have to do is add more layers and button combination triggers.

Hope this helps!


Rebecca Hay

Judith, it is not for interior design.

But you are correct in what we are trying to accomplish.

We sell light bulbs in addition to batteries and want to teach our associates how color temperature and wattage affects the objects in a room.

I will try to post a file when I have it ready.

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

I know I am a bit late with my solution but none the less...

I thought of a way to build it without any triggers, layers, or variables. Just edited the button states. 

Play with it here http://elearningenhanced.com/demos/3x3/story.html

I made a short screenr explaining it https://player.vimeo.com/video/204932294

And I will attach the story file.

This was fun! We should have more "Challenges" 

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention in the screenr (that is probably self-evident)... the buttons are grouped in button sets. 

Rebecca Hay


What a great solution. I never thought about doing it that way. Your method would certainly simplify things here. I was looking at taking 36 pictures, hoping they were identical except for the light bulb change between each shot.

that said, I can see value in each of the suggestions.

This community is awesome!

It helps so much to have others who look at the same problem from different angles.


Sam Carter

I ran into a problem trying this method with markers which can't be grouped like radio buttons.

Adding a marker state "selected" with an image works fine.  The audio, callout, and image of the selected marker are active and reveal the image properly.  

Clicking the same marker again will change the state from selected to normal which will terminate the audio, hide the callout and the image.

The problem I ran into comes when a marker "A" is selected and a user clicks marker "B".  The audio and callout are terminated on marker "A", but the state of "A" remains "selected", because the markers cannot be grouped so that only one is in the selected state. 

My messy way out:  add triggers to every marker to reset the state of all other markers to normal.

Any ideas of an easier way to do this with markers?