A couple serious problems

Hi. I have an eight-week training course using Storyline going live in a couple weeks, and we're having some serious problems with the first module. There are two problems in particular.

1. The logo, which appears in the upper-left hand part of the screen (above the menu) does not appear in any mobile version.

2. To get around the problem of needing separate audio files to play on different parts of the screen, I followed advice given here and converted the audio to video. While these work fine on the computer version, I'm getting reports of the screen freezing and not being able to advance to other slides from this page. I've encountered this myself a couple times. We also are not getting these pages to appear correctly on mobile versions.

I've attached a PDF showing what one of these pages looks like (correct) on a computer screen and what it looks like (missing logo and messing up audio) on mobile device.

Can you help, please? Many thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger

No guaranteed way to view it on an Android (although many users have submitted feature requests for future support around this, you may want to join in.) The mobile browser we recommend to view HTML5 is Mobile Safari in Apple iOS 5.0 or later on iPad (or the Articulate Mobile Player for iPad). 

Do you have a sense of how your users will be accessing the course? Is it certain that they'll be accessing it from a tablet? If you'd like, I can test your file on my iPad to give you an idea about how it looks, but any other tablets right now are hit or miss. 

Shel Holtz

I appreciate the comprehensive response, Ashley.

The course is being offered through a conference/training company, Lawrence Ragan Communications. People are paying for access to the eight courses, along with a proprietary discussion group and a weekly conference call. They'll access each according to their preference, although we can communicate to them the preferred means of access. I've been working on a workaround so there's no overlapping audio (which is what led me to the conversion to video solution, giving start/stop capability to users for each audio clip contained on a single slide).

I'm re-uploading to my server (for test purposes) now. It'll all be there by 2:15 p.m. PDT (or so):


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Shel - I tested it on my iPad and everything opened alright in the Articulate Mobile player. Since you mentioned they'll be accessing it according to their own preference, you may want to share information such as the Storyline viewing requirements (you can obviously customize it on your own information page if you'd like) before they start the course.

Additionally, as you continue to develop modules, I'd suggest reviewing the information contained in this chart - as you'll see there are some features that will not work within the Mobile player, and others that have limited functionality in mobile Safari. 

Hope that helps!