A graded non-quiz slide if partial scoring for Pick Many hotspots is not an option

My supervisor wants a multiple hotspot activity for one of the courses offered for this fall. But with how multiple hotspots are handled in Articulate Storyline, it's either they find all the 20 hotspots on the slide to get a score 100% or get zero for only finding 19 or less of it.

I sort of made a way around it where I am tracking the clicked hotspots (which are just shapes) through a counter. But since it's not graded, will it be possible to use the counter as a grade that will be recorded as the student's graded attempt in our LMS?

Because the only way I can think of is just track the slide viewed, and have the student print the slide with their score and just submit it in their LMS course, assuming the javascript for printing the will work for Firefox).

I attached a test slide if in case my explanation didn't make sense. (My actual project .story file has the Pick Many quiz slide.)

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Rio Sloan

Hi Wendy,

I am using Pick Many freeform quiz type. (I forgot to mention it.) It's counting all 20 shapes as one question therefore only one grade, instead of partial scores for each shape.

I'm hoping to find a way to get some sort of score for each shape they click, instead of having to click all. With Pick Many, it's either you get it all and get 100%; if you miss one, you get zero.

I sort of made one that's working with a counter, but it's not a quiz slide so it's not really tracked.

Is there a way to track scores in non-quiz slides and have it reflect in the LMS as well?

Rio Sloan

Hi Ashley,

I think I was able to mimic multiple shapes with partial scores by setting a Numeric Quiz slide with the value from my counter variable. The result slide calculates the result from the Numeric slide and gives a partial scoring shown on the results slide. I hope my explanation made sense.

The instructor can give extra credit for the students completing the activity though the grade center in the LMS, but we wanted to show students how many of the shapes they were able to find (at least 80%) by showing it though the results slide.

Edit: I found the javascript for reporting a variable as a custom score to our LMS, so it's now recording the counter value as the quiz score.


Rio Sloan

Well, I was trying to see if the LMS would take the custom score from my counter variable only if I used a quiz slide. Using a Numeric Quiz slide shows the counter variable as the learning response but gives a full score for passing the activity even if the learner doesn't click all the shapes, while having a non-quiz slide shows N/A as the learning response except for the percentage score, but the automatic grade that the LMS recognizes is the counter variable.

I'm leaning more towards using the non-quiz version but I'll be submitting both versions to my supervisor to see which one will work best.

But it looks like it is possible to give partial scoring using multiple shapes using a counter, and a JavaScript.

Thank you for the help, posting my ideas here helped me work through it!