A matter of 508 compliance - when notes do not match text on screen


I hope this is an appropriate question to bring to this discussion...

I'm working with a faculty member whose slides have extensive notes that are narrated and displayed in notes.

She has bulleted lists on her slides, which do not exactly match, verbatim, her audio-recorded notes, but the content is covered in her notes.

For 508 compliance, do we have to enter audio that specifically reads the text that is on the screen, or is it enough to have the content of the text on the screen available through audio and notes?

I appreciate all opinions!


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Jerry Beaucaire

Not only does audio not need to match, it probably shouldn't.     If the only thing a narration does is read the onscreen text, delete the narration.  Learning is actually harmed when there is a 1-to-1 match like that.

Narration should sound like a normal person talking knowledgeably about a topic, we seldom talk in "bullets", we just talk.  Thoughts should flow logically and interestingly.  So bullets should be a shorter summary of what the teacher is saying.

The timing of those summary bullets on the slide should also animate closely to what is being spoken, and when.

I do the same thing, I put my narrations in full in the NOTES for those who prefer to read.