A scolling panel that knows its been scrolled?

Jul 09, 2014

Hello all;

I want to use a scrolling panel to show a long list of bits of information for my learners. They will need to scroll down through the list to read all of it. Because of this, I don't want them to be able to move to the next frame until they have scrolled to the bottom of the panel.

Is there a way to trigger a variable (i.e. CanGo true/false ) when the last objects in the panel have been shown?



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Adam,

I remembered that Yukon Learning had put tog. a tutorial on this a while back. I was able to find a Screenr here

Also, I've thrown together a REALLY plain vanilla 2-slide story so you can look "under the hood."


I inserted a text box with some "lorem ipsum" text

Also, inserted a check box (button) at the bottom of the text. These buttons automatically have a selected state...which we'll need.

Placed these in a scrolling panel.

Added a condition to the next button to only jump to the next slide IF that checkbox = selected.

I also added a prompt so the Learners will know why clicking next isn't getting them anywhere. This prompt, and its accompanying "OK" button are initially hidden.

Triggers change their states to normal IF Learners click next and the checkbox is NOT equal to selected.

And, the OK button has a trigger that changes states to hidden when Learners click the OK button. I've set this up so they don't HAVE to click OK...they can just go ahead and read the document...but of course the setup is totally up to you.

Not sure that all makes sense...please shout out with any questions!

Adam Bayliss

Thanks for that - I was hoping for a more automatic way to do it - so the learner isn't aware that they are being controlled..

I've an idea that if I put an invisible hotspot over the bottom 1/3 of the panel that hides itself as soon as it detects a mouse over - and the learner is allowed to progress so long as it is hidden... Well, that should work 90% of the time. for the other 10% I'll have to put in a READ THE CONTENT! error message..

Will try and see how it goes..

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