A tricky requirement

Oct 05, 2013

Hi Friends,

I am trying to put a course together, the menu of the course being driven like a Windows tabbed layout. So having about 4-5 tiles linked to respective scenes and the learner returning back to the tabbed menu after completing each scene. This is actually quite easy.

Now here is a scenario when hosted on LMS

  • Learner completes Scene 1 & exits the course
  • On return(this can be after a few days), the bookmark feature will check, Resume from start or the last known location
  • Now if the learner presses "Last location" its fine and he can start with next Scene, but if he presses resume from start accidentally, he has to redo everything right from all the content and even the interactions.

How can we get the learner to resume only from the last position when he left the course. Any view from anyone if this works for large courses where different concepts are being explained to learners over a long durations.

Have attached the sample Storyline Course which I am using to test this concept.

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Rohit Saxena

Yeah, thanks Steve & Leslie.

I made the requisite changes in the course, but its not behaving the way it should on our Saba Outstart LMS. It takes the learner back to the prompt again. Have disabled the Flash cookies as well. Am trying to find the root cause. Let me know if there are any suggestions from your end.

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