Course Freezes randomly, will not resume in correct spot when returning to course on Docebo LMS

Jan 12, 2019

I have set up a Storyline course with multiple scenes, and multiple pathways splitting from a menu slide in each scene. Each pathway ends in a multiple choice quiz question with the correct answer, or the second wrong answer with a "next" button that directs the user back to the scene menu slide. Once all pathways are taken, then a layer appears where the user can access the slide to exit the scene to the main course menu to select their next scene. The slides all have the next button on the player disabled, and must wait for an icon to appear on each slide to select and proceed. It is published with the "Modern" player in SCORM 1.2, and hosted by Docebo LMS.

The course randomly freezes after selecting the next button on a quiz and being directed back to the scene menu, and must be exited to continue. If the course is exited for any reason, failure or not, it will not resume in the correct location. 

I am a trial user attempting to validate this system for my company buy get multiple licenses, and this 240+ hour project is past due by 5 days! Help!

A heads up- the story file is a big one.

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Eric Bradley

Still wrestling with the same issues. I have run the course in SCORM cloud and the only issue was generating a test score when using Chrome (of which is see is related to the use of Flash that must be enabled for Chrome The course runs properly for me on IE/Edge using Articulate temp share and SCORM cloud, but failed for my LMS provider. Of course they are pointing the finger back at the course and the authoring tool. Joe is working hard to help- just wanted to update the thread and hopefully someone else has run into this issue and has a solution. 

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