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Robert Lengacher

Hi Stimpy

If you are using the menu in the player and you select "Restricted" navigation, the user would still be able to revisit any previous slides listed in the menu, even during an assessment.

One suggestion that would require much more work would be to build a menu inside the slide that could be accessed by the user by clicking an icon and then locked very easily with a trigger. If you set this up as a lightbox slide, you would only have to build it once.

Not sure it's what you need, but it's one approach that could work.

Robert Lengacher

Stimpy - Sorry I typed my last response without actually opening up Storyline. You may like this approach better where you actually hide the menu during assessments.

  1. Click the Story View tab so you can see all the slides in your project.
  2. Hold down the CRTL key and select all of the Assessment Slides where the navigation menu should be hidden.
  3. In the lower right area of the screen is the Slide Properties area below the Triggers area.
  4. In the Player Features section of the Slide Properties pane, click the dropdown that says Player Defaults and change the setting to "Custom for the selected slides." (See the image below).
  5. Then deselect the menu and any other features in the Player that you want to hide during an assessment.

I hope one of these ideas meets your needs. The cool thing about Storyline is that there are usually many ways to accomplish what you want.