Video timeline tie to seek bar

Hi all, 

I understand the video timeline doesn't tie to the storyline seek bar. Now I run into problem in this scenario:

We have a long 30minute video where we want to lock the video timeline in 3 sections. After the first 10 min that watched portion is unlock and the rest of 20min is still lock. Same happen at 20min (first 20min unlock and last 10min is lock). In middle of the video there is an inactive button to jump backward or forward to different part of the video. And at the end of the video it will trigger a "Complete" button where user can click and exit back to the menu. 

I can't program the seek bar so the other way is to put a transparent block on the video timeline. But of course once the first portion is unlock and user can scrub the timeline and off sync with the seek bar and the "Complete" button won't come up at correct timing. 

Another way is program a scroll bar that control the video. But that comes with hundred of commends and become very complex. 

The easiest of course is to break the video in 3 different piece but need to have a single timeline.

Any other idea please? 

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