Ability of Storyline 3 / Storyline 2 / Storyline 360 to produce word based job aids?

Dec 20, 2018

Can Storyline 3 or Storyline 2 produce quality job aids (word doc)? Something which covers a screenshot-step combination to teach someone how to use a tool. If yes what option does one select after recording a set of screens and steps?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rohit,

Storyline 3 (and 2) can both publish to Word. When you do publish to word, your slides will become screenshots within a Word document so they won't be the same size as your slide and images within Word lose a bit of their crispness. Give it a try and see if it'll fit your needs! 

Here's a quick tutorial on how to publish to Word. 

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