Ability to Autosave on Storyline 360 or Storyline360 cloud version

May 07, 2021

Hello, is it possible we have an autosave feature on storyline 360. Whereby we can easily auto save on cloud or save offline. This will help save us from an unfortunate event (such as sudden window crash, losing hard drive or mircosoft onedrive decides not to autosync) of losing crucial source files.


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Mcgem Minoc

Hello Adebowale,

Storyline 360 currently does not have an auto-save option, but it does have an auto-recovery option turned on by default. We can configure the option and set it to a preferred time interval, the default is 10 minutes. You can check out more Storyline360 options here. Additionally, you can submit a request for a product feature to Articulate here as this seems to be a common topic in the community.