Ability to change storyline play speed

hi there


I love the storyline package, it does pretty much what I want it to do save for one thing. We produce our material to go at a set speed but our material is very long. I want the option so that our audience can change the play speed like the following:

0.5x Speed

0.75x Speed

0.9x Speed

1x Speed

1.1x Speed

1.2x Speed

1.3x Speed

and so on until to 2x speed


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Joshua Kamradt

Thank you Leslie.

You guys do know that it is really demoralizing to get the canned response after waiting for FOUR YEARS, right?  If you were really looking at it, it probably would have been updated long before this.

I have several threads here that we are just told... "Submit a request, and we will see what happens..." but nothing ever happens, other than I look towards the Adobe Captivate application a little more fondly, because it has the features.

I really like this application... but can't we get more support than that?

Ren Gomez

Hi Joshua,

I understand the frustration regarding feature requests that seem to go unnoticed but rest assured, we actively track every response in these discussions.

While we acknowledge this feature has been requested for years now, we're committed to making sure its impact and benefit come first. 

I can appreciate the ability to have playback speed options, and I’m happy to advocate on your behalf with our team internally as we continue to prioritize features.

Louis Goldman

Yes, absolutely. We have a large project coming up, and our client (a Fortune 100 company) has a requirement that any e-learning must allow the user to control/adjust the speed. If Articulate cannot support this, we will need to use a competing tool. I suspect that if this client is requiring it, more and more companies will. I agree with the others in this thread. This is an immediately necessary enhancement.