Storyline 360 - Course Playback Speed Control removes Closed Captions

Apr 24, 2023

Hi folks,

I was interested in making video narration play back faster, I also have closed captions .vtt files assigned to the video in the timeline.

However when previewing this content, I noticed that the Closed Captions icon in the playback head was replaced with this new Speed Control - is this intended? I would greatly appreciate confirmation on this as this may impact our decision on using CCs or Speed Control.

I assume so, because no one can read CCs at 2x faster but I couldn't see it in the guidance here unless I missed something:

Many thanks,


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Amelia Edwards

Hi Phil, 

Thanks so much for your reply. I realised that I missed out applying the .vtt to the video in the time line so that's why CC icon went missing.

That is fixed now and I can now see both CC & Speed Playback icon displaying for each video slide. My next test is to check that this works in Docebo, as the Fullscreen option doesn't seem to work with the SCORM inside Docebo's container.

I'll post another update with my findings soon :)