About the Previous and next button

Jun 19, 2014

Hi all, 

I have a small query about the Next and Previous button. Lets say that I have 10 slides in my project and I jumped to slide no. 5 from the menu. When I click the next button, I go to Slide 6 and but when I click Prev button I reach Slide 1. My preference here is to go to Slide no. 4 when I click previous. 

Is there an efficient way to achieve this?


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Meryem M

I think most learners would expect the prev button to go back to the last place they've been, not the sequential slide before this one.  Think of the Back button on your browser.  It just goes to the last visited page.  If you reset that expected behavior, you may have confused learners.

If your learner got to slide 5 by the menu, couldn't they simply get to slide 4 the same way?  

But to answer your question, the only way I know to change the default trigger on every Previous button is to edit the trigger on each slide.

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