Jul 17, 2015

Hi there, 

I have a couple of questions about making Articulate Storyline accessible (for keyboard only users and screenreader users):

  1. Is there a way to make the position of the cursor highlighted if the keyboard arrow keys are used (up/down), as well as tabbing? As this will definitely help keyboard users who can see? 
  2. We are using bespoke nav and move from screen to screen with next and back buttons within the screen (not in the player). When using tab to navigate I would expect to return to the top of the content (or screen), on a new screen but it doesn’t, the cursor remains in situ, and if I then use the down arrow key to read the content, it starts reading later content on the page, or the footer. Is there any way to ensure it always starts from the top of a screen?

Many thanks




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Leanne - 

While I am not an expert on 508 Compliance, I wanted to share information on a few different threads that may be of assistance, including this General Info on Storyline and Section 508 Accessibility, as well as this eBook on 6 Best Practices for Designing Accessible E-Learning

I hope others in the community are able to chime in with additional assistance, as well. :)

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