Jun 13, 2023



Question 1: does anyone have a storyline 2023 accessibility checklist? 

Question 2: how do I know which fonts are accessible for screen readers? Is the Articulate font okay? 

Question 3: since my course already has auto play narration for each slide, for screen readers, is it necessary for me to go back and turn off auto play and create a button to start the audio narration? 

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Elizabeth Kuhlmann

Hey Kathy,

Articulate published a checklist not too long ago that I think is very helpful: 

The font isn't critical for screen readers since a user operating a screen reader cannot see the font, although sometimes special characters can be problematic. Generally for users who may have a reading disability, I would choose a clean, sans serif font like Arial, Articulate, Calibri, or Open Sans.

On your audio, yes, I would turn off auto play and create a button or a toggle to allow users to enable or disable narration if that's something they want. You also don't want your auto-playing narration to interrupt/interfere with a screen reader. Tom outlined how to do that in a reply to this post!

Cyndi Nagel

I know I had seen one so I googled your phrase "storyline 2023 accessibility checklist" and it returned this one. Kayleen Holt who runs that site and is a trusted resource on Accessible Design for elearning. 

I think Articulate has blogs on screen readers too. They have addressed in articles in the past.