Accessibility Features - Need to edit HTML5 structural elements/landmarks

Jun 28, 2022

Is there a way within Storyline to clean up the HTML5 structural elements/landmarks?

Here is a message from my client who is using a Jaws reader: "There’s a bit of noise caused by too many HTML5 structural landmarks. I don’t think we need a navigation region around the Submit button. Submit could just be moved up into the <main> region."  

I attached a Word document received from the client that details some items that the client wants moved or deleted. 

I do not see where these items can be altered within Storyline, and when I open the html files (opened using WordPad) from the published zip file, the items the client is referring to are not found in the html files I opened.

If Storyline is assigning these elements/landmarks, where are they found?










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Lauren Connelly

Hello Sherri!

This is really helpful feedback! Do you mind attaching the Word document again? It's not appearing in this thread.

To answer your question about the "Submit" button, there isn't a way to customize the placement of the "Submit" button on the player. They might consider adding a customized "Submit" button on each slide.

Sherri West

Hi Lauren, my client has reached out again with an updated Word document with more direction in his Comments. I don't see how these items can be addressed within Storyline, unless I am missing something. He is using Jaws screen reader test the course.