Accessibility issue tabbing to button still executes button!

May 17, 2018

I cannot begin to estimate how much time I have spent trying to get the so called accessibility features in Storyline to work properly. I am running Build 3.15.15453.0 which should contain the fix for this yet I am still experiencing on click triggers automatically executing when using keyboard navigation. I have even tried deleting the trigger and re-creating it no no avail. This has already delayed a significant project for me and is likely to affect others in the next month.

Short of rebuilding the entire course which is not an option I don't know what I can do.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tony.  I'm really sorry that you're experiencing this issue.  I was able to do a quick mock-up, and the fix is working in my version.  

Can you take a look and tell me how your setup might differ?  I want to be sure I can test the right thing.  If you can even attach a link to your output or your .story file, that would be super.  Thanks!

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