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Aug 05, 2014

Hi, I'm working on a project with a strong focus on accessibility. This is new territory for me and I want to build in as much keyboard control as possible (this mean lots and lots of triggers - no big deal it's worth it). I noticed that in order to control the pause/play of the timeline/seekbar the user will need to press the tab key several times to cycle through all of the objects on the screen and in the player before they land on the Pause/Play button (in order to use the spacebar to control this option). I wonder is there is an easier way to give the user control over this button. It doesn't seem like I can build a trigger to control this functionality, and I'm not sure if there's a way to control the tab functionality so the first stop through the objects would land on the pause and play.

Any an all assistance would be greatly appreciated. Plus any recommendation on designing for Accessibility would also be greatly appreciated

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Scott Conrad

Thanks Ashley. On a separate Accessibility issue, I take it that once I tab to the 'Note' tab there is no way to scroll through the text using the keyboard? I've increased my text size in the notes section but have discovered that if a user can activate the Notes tab using the keyboard they cannot use the keyboard to scroll through the enlarged text.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Bijan,

Articulate Storyline 2 supports JAWS 16 and later with Internet Explorer 11 and later (Flash output only). Although NVDA will work with many aspects of Storyline content, it isn't officially supported at this time. To learn more about Storyline's accessibility support, see this article.

Hopefully someone in the community that has some NVDA experience can chime in to assist.


Hi Leslie,
It's not working in JAWS as well. I just want to know can we explore the menu item or not?
As the screen attached, we are getting yellow line border for the whole menu item not for individual menu item.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bijan,

To navigate inside the menu use your arrow keys (up/down) to highlight different items and then your spacebar or enter key to select them.

Also, it appears that you may have responded via email and as such your attachment didn't come through. If you'd like to upload it here still, you certainly can using the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the Reply window in ELH. 

Lior Gendelman


is there any update regarding using keyboard command?

I want to use the technique of showing/hiding a "pause" layer that stops the timeline.

and I want it to be functional via pressing the space bar - at the moment space bar does nothing.

however i did not manage to find in the triggers "when player clicks a keyboard key" or anything similar 

Lisa Spirko

Hi Lior, 

There were some enhancements to accessibility earlier this year that might have improved the keyboard commands. Check out:

Also, there is a "User presses a key" option in the triggers, under the Control Events section of the drop-down. 

Hope this helps!


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