Accessibility Shortcuts - NEXT button and PREV button (keyboard shortcut bugs, one workaround)

Mar 12, 2021

Hello. In using the new Accessible keyboard shortcut for the Next button, I found a bug which occurs in this situation.

If you land on a page when using the shortcut where you have disabled the Next button initially on that page via a trigger, when you leave that page, the Next button keyboard shortcut fails when you arrive on a page where Next is active.

It seems once you encounter that trigger, it breaks the shortcut.

In my case I land on a submenu page which has Next disabled but you can go to another page via another button on that Menu page.

The workaround is that you should add a trigger on whichever page you go to after the page that has the Next button disabled trigger to change the state of the Next to Normal. EVEN THOUGH THE NEXT IS ALREADY ACTIVE. This will re-activate the Next keyboard shortcut trigger.

UPDATE (Previous button): I also noticed if you add a trigger to disable the Previous Button, that even though it is disabled, you can still go back using the shortcut keys and you should not be able to.  I don't know how to keep the user from going backwards if they choose to use the shortcut, which my accessible users do.  This is less common.

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