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Dec 08, 2017

Hi Hero's!

Having a small issue with the quiz slides and previous and next buttons when re-visiting the quiz after completion. If you go back into a quiz via a previous button from the next scene or from the menu, it no longer is showing the submit button, but shows previous and next buttons. The problem I am having is that it will not allow the user to move to the next scene - the next button stops functioning on the last quiz slide. The attributes and options don't how the previous and next button active and you can't add a trigger to have the next button on the last quiz slide. Any thoughts on why this happens and how I can resolve the problem?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Doug!

Thanks for posting your question here in the community. 

Here's a workaround for you... 

  • On the quiz slide in question, select both the "Next" and the "Submit" button to appear on the slide.
  • Add the appropriate trigger to the Next button (so that it jumps to the first slide in the next scene). 
  • Create a new True/False variable called, for example, "SlideVisited" and set it's default value to False.
  • On the slide that is visited directly AFTER the quiz slide, add a trigger that adjusts the SlideVisited variable to be TRUE when the Timeline starts on that slide. 
  • Back on the quiz slide, Create a trigger that "Changes the state of the Next button to Hidden IF the SlideVisited variable is equal to False"

That means the first time they visit the quiz slide, the Next button will be hidden. But once they've passed the quiz slide, visited the slide after it, and then return to the quiz, the Next button will be visible (because the variable will now be TRUE, not FALSE) 

 I've attached an example .story file to illustrate how I got it to work... Hopefully this explanation makes sense. If you have any other follow up questions, let me know! :)

Nicole Legault

:) I feel you there! 

I think you need to only do it with the Next button because it's the last slide in a scene. 

When you revisit a Quiz slide the second time and it shows the Next/Prev slide instead of the Submit button, they both have default triggers of "jump to previous slide" and "jump to next slide" . The Next isn't working because the next slide is in another scene, but the Prev should work. 

I'm glad this solved the problem!! :)

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