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I recently built a course for in house HIPAA training, and it has some quiz functions in it. On the last page of the "scene" (Scene A) , the "correct" layer takes the student to the first slide of a new scene (Scene B) for a different activity. 

So far the quiz functions worked great and as designed. But there is always that one student who breaks the system. :)

In this case, the student completed the quiz scene (scene A) .  He correctly answered the question and advanced to the new scene (scene B) . In the new "scene", he accidentally hit the "previous button" which took him back to the last question in the previous scene (scene A) .

The problem is this. In this last slide, where there would normally be a "submit button", there are now "previous" and "next" buttons. Normally these are disabled, but for somereason they are now visible, but the "next" button goes...nowhere. The progress in the course stops. 

How do we resolve this?  How can the student advance without starting the course all over again?



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Julia Pinholster


I think this is a known issue with Storyline where the next button breaks if the last quiz question is at the end of a scene. I've had issues with it in the past. Here is a pretty old thread that talks about a work around, but I haven't tried it:

The work around that I use involves creating a true/false variable for each question slide that is at the end of a scene. I add a previous and next button to that slide, then set them to hide (so the user doesn't see Submit, Previous, Next all at once) if the variable is false. I use a trigger to set the variable to true on the feedback layers. Then, I set a trigger to show the buttons when the variable changes. That way, when the user returns, they get the fully functional buttons. You only have to do it for the last quiz question in a scene.